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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Toastmasters?

    Visit the "Toastmasters 101" page for information on the organization.

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  • What do you do at a Toastmaster meeting?

    We practice communication and leadership skills that are vital to success in work life and personal life. Improving these skills help raise confidence and improve self-esteem. The five main sections of a Toastmasters meeting are the opening, prepared/formal speeches, Table Topics (impromtpu speaking), feedback, and closing.

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  • How will Maverick be different from other Toastmasters clubs?

    Like all other Toastmasters clubs, we will have goals to meet and best practices to follow. Our special areas of focus will be on creating a vibrant mentoring program, adventurous meeting programs, and a special focus on building friendships among our members through regular social events.

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  • What's in it for me?

    There are a lot of reasons people join a Toastmasters club, but members often realize benefits they never expected when they joined.

    The first speech manual will walk you through practicing the following skills: Organizing your speech, getting to the point, using descriptive language and accurate wording, using body language and gestures, using vocal variety, researching your topic, using visual aids, persuading, and inspiring.

    The first leadership manual will walk you through practicing the following skills: Listening, critical thinking, giving feedback, time management, planning and implementation, organizing and delegating, facilitation skills, motivating people, mentoring, and team building.

    Learn how to give better presentations, hone your management skills, work cooperatively and collaboratively, increase effectiveness at developing and presenting your ideas, improve your ability to offer effective constructive feedback, as well as accepting constructive feedback.

    Less tangible benefits include an increase in self-confidence, build a more positive self-image, network, develop positive friendships, and so much more.

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  • Will it cost me anything to participate?

    Not to participate at the first meeting or to visit as our guest.

    For new members to join the club, there will be a $25 one-time new member fee ($20 for Toastmasters International and $5 for Maverick), which will cover all your start-up materials, including one speech manual and one leadership manual to help you get started right away. After completing your first speech manual, this new member fee will also cover your second two speech manuals. Dual, transfer, or reinstated Toastmasters are exempt from this $25 new member fee.

    Membership fees are $63 for six months ($45 for Toastmasters International and $18 for Maverick) and are collected twice a year for submission by April 1st and October 1st. New members who join between those two membership periods will pay a prorated amount (see dues schedule below). This fee includes delivery of the monthly Toastmaster Magazine, full of resources for your self-development.

    Prorated Dues Schedule:
    October or April: $63
    November or May: $52.50
    December or June: $42
    January or July: $31.50
    February or August: $21*
    March or September: $10.50*

    *Plan to submit your $63 renewals with your membership application and prorated dues.

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  • Will I have to join right away?

    No, you won't. You can visit multiple times before making up your mind. If you know you're ready to join, click here to download our membership application form.

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  • Is there an age requirement?

    Yes, membership in a Toastmasters clubs requires a minimum age of 18. High school students may be welcome to attend and participate on a case by case basis, but official Toastmasters International acknowledgement of progress through the educational system must wait until after the student's 18th birthday.

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  • May I bring a friend?

    Most DEFINITELY! If you'd like to send your friend, co-worker, family member, or neighbor an invitation to visit Maverick Toastmasters, send them this link: Also feel free to download and share any of our special event flyers.

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  • Is this tax-deductible?

    It could be - check with your accountant. Toastmasters is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization. We have our own EIN tax number to reference on next year's taxes.

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  • What are the various "functionary" roles for and what do they do?

    Click on hotlinks for role cue cards.
    • Toastmaster: The meeting emcee. Introduce other functionaries and speakers.
    • Speaker: Prepare, rehearse, and present a speech based on speech manual projects.
    • Evaluator: Provide feedback to speakers, including comments on how well they met speech project objectives and offer opinions on how the speech could be improved.
    • Wordmaster: Offer a vocabulary word for meeting participants to learn and incorporate into their speeches (whether formal or impromptu) during the meeting.
    • Grammarian: Comment on excellent uses of the English language and offer suggestions for improvement.
    • Ah-Counter: Track meeting participants' use of pause fillers or verbal crutches (such as ah, um, uh, er, you know, and excessive use of connectors like and, but, and so).
    • Timer: Time speeches, table topics responses, and evaluations and provide visual signals when timing objectives have been met and/or exceeded.
    • Table Topic Master: Prepare questions based on a meeting theme and ask members at random to help with impromptu speaking skills.
    • General Evaluator: Facilitate feedback portion of meeting and provide feedback on the meeting overall.
    • There may be additional functionary roles added as we continue on with our meetings (such as jokemaster, words of wisdom, mentor minute, ballot counter, and more, depending on membership and attendance numbers).

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  • What are the officer roles and their areas of responsibility?

    • President: Club CEO - ensure the club is fulfilling the mission of a Toastmasters club, members are being retained and the club is growing.
    • VP Education: Ensure the club is providing a positive environment and members are learning and growing.
    • VP Membership: Build membership and retain members.
    • VP Public Relations: Publicize club meetings and special events.
    • Secretary: Keep and maintain records, including correspondence with Toastmasters International World Headquarters.
    • Treasurer: Keep clear and accurate financial records.
    • Sergeant at Arms: Maintain club equipment, arrange meeting room, greet all members and guests.
    • VP Mentoring: Manage Maverick's mentoring program
  • Officers serve 1 year terms (July 1 - June 30). The role of President has a one-term limit and is the only role with a term limit.

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  • If I join, will I have to attend every week?

    Toastmasters is a self-paced program so the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. However, your commitment level to the program affects not only your progress, but also that of your fellow members as everyone relies on feedback and energy provided by others. Of course, we will not ask you to commit to attend every week, but as frequently as you are able. Your presence will be missed when you are unable to attend.

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  • I cannot attend at this day and time. Are there other clubs around I can attend instead?

    YES!!! There are many other clubs around - evening, morning, lunchtime; almost every day of the week.
    If you're looking for a morning club, we recommend Superstition Toastmasters.
    Other clubs may be more ideal depending on your location and availability, or even your place of employment.
    If you'd rather attend a more seasoned evening club, we recommend Gilbert Toastmasters, which meets Thursdays at 7 pm, or if you need something a little father south, we recommend Power Play.

    Please contact Emi at the email address below for other options.

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