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We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

Every Toastmasters club meeting seeks to practice four core skills - prepared (formal) speech presentation, impromptu speaking, evaluation, and leadership - and Maverick is no exception. What then will set this newer club apart? We are seeking to take "A fresh approach to a timeless program!"

Our vision includes a special emphasis on the following:

  • A vibrant mentoring program
    Every member will have a mentor and will eventually mentor a fellow member. Resources will be provided for mentoring within the Toastmasters program. We may also explore the possibility of forming professional or personal mentoring relationships between our members at some point in our club's future.
    We understand that not everyone will be immediately comfortable serving as a mentor to someone else, so this program will be instituted with the understanding that mentoring is an additional skill that needs to be learned and practiced.
    New Toastmasters will be able to take advantage of the substantial experience of fellow members. Within our small budding group, we already have five Distinguished Toastmasters (the highest level of achievement in the Toastmasters educational program -the Ph.D. of Toastmasters, if you will) and several Advanced Toastmasters.

  • Deliberate relationship building
    Our hope that regular opportunities to have fun as a group outside of the normal club meeting environment has already become an important part of our club culture.
    During our club's history, we have already had several special events: 4 annual Spooky Tales contests just before Halloween which consistently draw over 30 costumed members and guests and features brave contestants from several different clubs, Holiday potluck parties in December, anniversary parties, and more. We will continue to seek any excuse to celebrate as a group.
    We even have an indoor skydiving field trip scheduled for September!

  • A commitment to fun, creative meeting programs
    While working within the framework of practicing the Toastmasters core skills named above, we can be as creative with our meeting programs as we want. Our meetings will maintain a level of professionalism and formality expected of a Toastmasters meeting, but with a unique flair and sense of adventure. We most definitely have fun together while learning our vital skills.

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