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You are cordially invited to attend a weekly meeting of the Maverick Toastmasters Club!

  • Day: Weekly on Tuesdays
  • Time:
    • 6:30 - 7:00 pm:
      Meet & Greet / Brown Bag Dinner - bring your dinner and chat with others
    • 7:00 - 8:30 pm:
      Club meeting

  • Regular Meeting Location: Sun Valley High School, 1143 South Lindsay Rd (Northeast corner of Lindsay and Southern)

  • Special Events: We occasionally celebrate special events, sometimes at alternate locations. Please check our special events page for announcements of upcoming special events.

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  • Schedule: Holiday coming up? Check our 4-week schedule anytime to verify we are meeting on a particular date.

  • RSVP to or text/leave a message at 480.388.9384. RSVP is not required - you are perfectly welcome to simply show up - but we'd love to know ahead of time that you're coming so that we can be ready to greet you properly.

If you are unfamiliar with the Toastmasters program, please read on for some basic information.

Toastmaster Club Meetings

Every Toastmaster meeting has 5 basic sections. The core skills practiced during each section are in parentheses.

  1. Opening (Leadership)
    The presiding officer opens the meeting by greeting everyone, especially the guests.
    The meeting's emcee, the Toastmaster, introduces the meeting's "functionaries" - individuals with various roles and responsibilities tailored to help members improve on specific aspects of communication and leadership.

  2. Prepared/Formal Speeches (Prepared Speech Presentation)
    Members work out of communication (speech) manuals on projects with specific objectives.
    The first communication manual - the Competent Communication Manual - walks the new Toastmaster through fundamental speech writing and presentation skills through a series of ten projects. You begin easily by talking about the subject you are most familiar with: yourself. Once you've survived your first speech, you'll focus on basic skills like organizing your speech, focusing the point of your speech, using body language and vocal variety, incorporating research, persuasion, and inspiration/motivation.
    Upon completion of the Competent Communication Manual, you may begin working through two of the eighteen available Advanced Communication Manuals, depending on your personal interests and/or career focus.

  3. Table Topics (Impromptu Speaking)
    The emcee of this exercise is called the Table Topics Master. The Topics Master brings open-ended questions based on a meeting theme or subject and calls on members at random to answer these questions. No preparation time is given to answer these questions. This exercise helps you improve the ability to think on your feet, quickly organize your thoughts, and respond coherently with no preparation. It sounds intimidating, but it is frequently the portion of the meeting members enjoy the most. The exercise is particularly helpful in situations such as job interviews, social settings, and last-minute presentation assignments from the boss.

  4. Feedback (Evaluation, Impromptu Speaking, Leadership)
    This section is facilitated by the "General Evaluator" of the meeting, who introduces the speech evaluators and calls upon the "functionaries" for their various reports.
    Preassined evaluators - one per formal speaker - provide specific feedback on the prepared speeches. Evaluators will comment on such things as how well the speaker met the project objectives, personal opinion on what the speaker did well and issue challenges for improvement. Speech evaluations are valuable not only for the speaker specifically, but generally for the audience as well as ideas and tips are gleaned from these evaluations.

  5. Closing (Leadership)
    The presiding officer will facilitate the completion of any club business, solicitation of guest feedback, and more before adjouring the meeting.

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