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  • The Maverick Toatsmaster Role

    The Toastmaster role begins the week prior to the meeting.  Your responsibility starts with getting confirmations from the major functionaries that they are planning to be in attendance to fulfill their roles.  These functionaries include the speakers, the general evaluator, and the table topics master.  On a side note, the general evaluator will be responsible for confirming with the minor functionaries, but since you – the Toastmaster – are ultimately responsible for printing the meeting agenda, you’ll need to communicate well with the general evaluator to ensure all roles are covered.

    You will need to get some additional information from these main functionaries prior to the meeting:
    • Speakers
      • Speech manual
      • Project #
      • Speech objectives, including timing
      • The above information will be included on the printed agendas.
      • Also ensure you have the speech introduction and title prior to the start of the meeting.
      • Check with the speakers to see if they require help with any special props or other set up.
    • General Evaluator
      • Ensure all minor functionary roles have been confirmed.
      • Help the General Evaluator to recruit members for vacant roles.
    • Table Topics Master
      • Meeting theme to include on the printed agenda.
      • Use meeting theme to prepare your opening remarks.

    When possible, please contact individual members rather than using the group mailing list to get confirmations. 

    Download, complete, and print the meeting agendas:  (look for the orange arrow and you will find the agenda template). 

    When you arrive:

    • Distribute meeting agendas
    • Obtain awards (Speech of the Day, Most Effective Evaluation, and Best Table Topics Speech) and the bowl to collect ballots
    • Ensure you have speaker introductions & any notes you may need

     Things to remember:

    • Apply your personal touch to make the meeting special – feel free to be creative!
    • Lead the applause throughout the meeting
    • Keep the speaking area occupied by waiting there and shaking hands with whomever you are giving control of the meeting to
    • After the prepared speaking portion is done, call for timer’s report and vote for “the speaker who best met project objectives.”  Please use that wording when calling for the vote
    • After the vote has been called, don’t wait – go ahead and introduce the table topics master and once control has been passed, get the bowl and begin collecting the ballots for speech of the day
    • Your role as emcee is complete at this point and your remaining task is to serve as ballot counter for the remainder of the meeting.  Please use your own vote to break ties as needed.  Don’t forget to write the winners’ names on the certificates.  Hand the certificates to the General Evaluator as soon as you’re done with them.

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